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Enhance the way you write with custom handcrafted wood turned pens from the Great Lakes in Michigan, USA. Made from superior-quality wood, our unique handmade gifts offer you unparalleled experience fueled by history and unique storytelling.

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This pen is incredible!

I’ve not stopped using it since the day I received it from Matt of Frog Pen. The time and craftsmanship Matt put into this pen to make it just for me, is incredible!

From the gen ink, Olive wood from Jerusalem, and gun metal colored steel, very tight clasp (so that I don’t fidget and snap it), to the magnetic top and bottom to keep me from losing the cap, the attention to detail is remarkable and greatly appreciated. I’m one of those folks who truly believes that that it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference, and this pen does not disappoint when it comes to the small details that make a great finished product. I’ve had this pen for over a year now and hope to have it for many years to come.

“Alberto T.”