Highlife – Jackfruit Ballpoint Pen – Gun Metal Shine


  • Highlife Series
  • Jackfruit Wood Pen Body
  • Gun Metal Plating
  • Shine Pen Body Finish
  • Ballpoint Medium – Black

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Highlife – Jackfruit Pen

Gun Metal Shine

This truly special and exclusive luxury pen made from Jackfruit wood is a one of its kind. Jackfruit trees are originated in Madagascar and have a sweet and sour taste, that makes this tree special and rare. Rare is also the spectacular color and shine this wood offers to our Jackfruit pen. The superior wood has a golden yellow body with finely grained brown stripes and lines.

Our shine finish makes this spectacular wood stand out from every other pen. The majestic combination with the gun metal plated pen parts generates a luxury Jackfruit pen, that is leaving you speechless.

The handmade Jackfruit pen is using a ballpoint parker style cartridge which is opening you a world of options to make this pen perfect for your writing needs. We have equipped the pen with a fast drying ballpoint cartridge that is allowing you to write on even slick and thin paper, without bleeding through.


Shine Finish Pen Body

Our glass-like finish offers a breathtaking shine that is highly durable. With this gloss, you will not need to refinish your pen after years of use.

While you are not able to feel the wood itself, the shine finish is ultra-smooth like freshly polished glass offering a comfortable and elegant feel.

This shine finish is achieved by sanding, polishing, and waxing that occurs of the course of 2 days at a minimum.

The final result is a glamourous pen that is unmatched in its style and quality.

Please note that as our pens are handmade and from wood, the grain flow, shape as well as the coloration may vary from the sample photo.



This artisan writing instrument is using a parker style ballpoint refill.

Find our selection of different refills here.

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × 1.5 in


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